Let me take you on a journey through my ultimate home cravings whilst I’ve been travelling for the past 12 months...

I can’t even begin to explain the torture of desiring a huge, beast of a Nando’s whilst dying of a hangover on Boracay Island in The Philippines, or imagine sweating for 8 hours on the bumpiest coach known to man in Indonesia, checking into your hotel and your shower is freezing and has minimal water pressure.

Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve compiled a list which I’m sure every traveller can relate to.


Without a doubt, my number one craving. I’m talking every food group possible. A good quality Chinese takeaway, Heinz beans, Sunday roasts, granary bread, full English breakfasts, cheese… good lord, cheese. Camembert, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella. It can be too expensive to buy for a backpacker in countries like Australia.

Not having to wear flip-flops in the shower.

I’ve stayed in my fair share of guest houses and hostels and 99% of the time the bathroom floor is damp and dirty. I’m not sure if this is me being a princess, but being barefoot in the shower where the last 50 people have also showered just gives me the heebies.

sea turtle great barrier reef

Drinkable tap water.

This one you can completely take for granted! Okay, so you can’t take a glass of water to bed? It doesn’t stop there. You can’t wet your toothbrush to clean your teeth. You can’t eat salad because it might have been washed and can contain bacteria. It’s so nice to be able to turn on the tap and know it’s not going to make you ill.

My family.

I mean it kind of speaks for itself doesn’t it? When I was ill, all I wanted is my mum to look after me. I’m a mummy’s boy, okay?

Having my own room.

I walked into my room and placed my backpack on my bed. This whole room to myself? A double bed, just for me? It’s heaven! It was so quiet I could hear my ears ringing.

surfers paradise

Having a normal towel.

I cannot express my hatred for micro fibre towels enough. They’re just minging aren’t they, let’s face it. Every traveller thinks they’re beating the system having one. Yes, they are travel friendly, but have you ever tried drying yourself with cling film? I’ll say no more.

The hike to bed.

If you’re checking into your hostel late, or it’s peak season, the chances of nailing yourself a bottom bunk is slim. There’s been a few times that I’ve nearly plummeted to my death from the top bunk or awoken the poor backpacker beneath me as I navigate my way down the ladder for my 4am wee. Having my double bed back is a luxury.

sunset in coron philippines

Not having to pay for laundry.

Clean clothes. Heavens above, I’ve missed clean clothes. When your wardrobe is already limited the last thing you need is everything smelling damp, because you were a cheapskate and washed your shirt in the sink.

Having just one currency.

So what’s 120,000 rupiah in sterling? Is this coin 50cents or 1 peso? Always fab when math isn’t your best skill and you have 5 currencies whirling around in your brain.

coron island hopping tour philippines

Constantly questioning if you’re being scammed.

It’s not often I climb into a taxi in England and fear for my life in the back seat that I’m being whisked away on a human trafficking scheme. I think Annie and I fell for most scams throughout Indonesia and The Philippines. It’s all a learning curve…

Liquid soap.

Okay, here’s a weird one. When hygiene is your best friend in Asia, you want to stay hot on washing your hands. To make the soap last longer, they normally mix it with water, so you're kind of just washing your hands with water and… water. Or you can opt for the bar of soap next to the sink with hair and a dead mosquito stuck to it, your choice.

skydive mission beach

Cheap nights out.

This only applies to Australia. In Asia, you can drink beer to your livers content with it being 80p. If you want a night out in Oz then bring your credit card, trust me you’ll need it. My record is $180 in a night. Maybe fill yourself up with goon before you go. Which leads me onto my next point.

Nice wine.

Goon. Ahh goon. I love to hate it. If you didn’t know then goon is the devil's wine, a local delicacy, if you will, between Australian backpackers. Imagine an elegant foil bag filled with 4 litres of acid tasting liquid. Okay, okay it’s really not that horrendous, but I’d much prefer a White Zinfandel.

I could literally go on for days, there are heaps more different things that I craved throughout my year of travel. It’s safe to say that since I’ve been home I’ve definitely overindulged.

In fact, I felt so passionately about the subject, I made a video over on my YouTube channel which discusses even more home comforts!

Let me know where you’ve been travelling, what you’ve missed and if you’ve spent half of your travels with pure hanger… (anger because you’re hungry if you didn’t know)


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