One thing that was on me and Annie’s travelling bucket list was a cooking class. So, as I’ve neglected my website for the past month, I thought we could get right back into writing with this cooking class review. I have, however, been busy over on my YouTube Channel. I’m still releasing a video every Saturday so go check it out!

Ever since I planned my trip to Bali and The Gili Islands, I knew that I had to do a cooking class. I love cooking anyway, mainly because I love food, duh. My mum and I always cook dinner together back home and it is such a social activity to do!

Annie and I looked at different cooking classes that were available in Seminyak and Ubud but never really found the time or money to do one. It was not until the end of our trip when we decided to fully commit to one that we discovered Gili Cooking Classes.

gili cooking classes

Gili Cooking Classes is located on Gili Air, although I think they’re working on a class on Gili Trawangan too. The Gili Air class is conveniently located opposite the port and is in the main area on the island. In fact, it’s opposite perhaps the only ATM machines on the island too.

There are a bunch of different classes that you can choose from, that range between making 3 to 6 courses. Annie and I wanted to be full-on keeno’s and go for the 6 courses. I’ve heard a lot of different things about other cooking classes and one activity which I really wish had been included in the class was the sourcing of the ingredients.

I’ve been told stories about turning up to a cooking class and the chef taking you out to the local food market. You find everything that you need here, from fresh meats to herbs and spices – the lot! I think this would be a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture, but would also be fantastic to have some sort of knowledge about where the ingredients come from. That being said, there is only so much that you can do on Gili Air, so they had to work with what they’d got.

When we arrived, we paid for the rest of the class as we had just left a deposit. We paid around 350,000 rupiah each I think, which looking back was quite a lot actually! You can probably find classes for a lot cheaper but we really liked the look of this one.

The room itself was all open plan and there were around 10 different workspace areas. It ended up only being Annie and myself there which was really great as it turned out to be a private class. The chef was such a lovely guy, so chatty and friendly and it wasn’t awkward at all. He was a fantastic teacher and went through all of the different elements of each dish with us.

bali cooking class

We started with Kelopon, which is an Indonesian dessert. I’ll include a link to all of the recipes here. We also made Gado Gado, which is vegetables in a peanut sauce, Chicken Taliwang which is like a dry curry, Yellow chicken curry which is similar to a coconut curry and Mie Goreng, which if you’ve been travelling Indonesia I’m pretty much 100% sure you’ve tried. For the muggles out there, it’s a noodle dish.

All of the ingredients and tools were supplied to us and it was such a fantastic experience. It lasted around 2 hours in total. We ground all of our own herbs and spices and made everything from scratch. The portions were already measured out for us.

gili cooking classes

Once everything was made, we sat and enjoyed our culinary masterpieces. We opted for an evening cooking class and used what we would normally spend on dinner to pay for the class, killing two birds with one stone. Cooking class and dinner.

Looking back, the class may have been a bit pricey. It also rather irritated me that part of the ‘6 dishes’ was the peanut sauce for the Gado-Gado, so really you made 5 dishes. However, the experience, on the whole, was well worth it and we finished just in time to watch the sunset over Gili Air with a nice cocktail.

I would definitely recommend taking a cooking class in Indonesia and if you’re over on Gili Air then it’s well worth checking out. Perhaps look at the other options before committing to 6 courses as I reckon you might get a better deal.

If you’d like a YouTube video of me cooking and preparing these dishes then that is definitely something that I would love to do! Please do let me know!

Sorry that I’ve been absent for the last month but unfortunately reality has taken over a bit. I’m trying to get myself back on my feet and kickstart my savings to travel to New Zealand.

In the meantime, I’m always here to answer your travel questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you real soon!

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