My name is Benjamin Witcomb. I am an aspiring travel videographer, blogger, vlogger, photographer… and all that jazz. It’s what everyone is doing nowadays apparently.

I graduated from the University of Roehampton with a degree in Dance Performance. Yet, here you are reading my travel blog! Funny that. Turns out that the whole dance thing wasn't for me. University allowed me to grow massively as a person. I gained heaps of confidence, grew independent and started to figure out what I wanted from life.

I always knew that I wanted to travel. In my second year at University, I partnered with a charity called Dig Deep, who raise money and awareness to provide Kenyan villages with a clean and sustainable energy supply. As a way to raise awareness, a team from the University attempted to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I acted as team leader, arranging fundraising events, working with local businesses looking for sponsorship and successfully reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. This trip sparked my itchy travelling feet.

With my sights set firmly on a travellers lifestyle, I bounced between a few jobs trying to save money for my trip, eventually booking a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia. I eagerly set off on my adventure, backpack on and GoPro in hand. I’d say it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I based myself in Sydney and Melbourne… and everywhere in between. I worked in call centres, on a farm and a vegan restaurant! It’s hip to be vegan, isn’t it? I travelled the East Coast twice and nipped over to the red centre with my parents. I liked to call that bit ‘flashpacking’.

My reign over Oz was coming to a close as my visa was ending, so I moved onto new pastures, which included Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia. They were a lot different to Australia, but I bloody loved them all!

Unfortunately, I’m now home. Dare I say I found myself on my trip, or would that make you vom?

Anyway, whilst I was on my life changing, once in a lifetime, world nomad experience, I found that I was getting a lot of questions from people back home. How do I apply for a visa? Where is the best place to live in Sydney? Are The Philippines safe? So I thought, I must give the people what they want!

I enjoy writing. I enjoy helping people. I enjoy making videos. I believe if you enjoy what you do, then ultimately you are happier! So this is my attempt at yet another blog in the sea of opinions. If you haven’t already then check out my YouTube channel. I hope you stick around and get involved!

Kawasan Falls, Cebu.
Kawasan Falls, The Philippines.

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